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Experts in Ground Source

Welcome to Groundsource Drilling and Contracting Limited.

GDC provides a full nationwide service for the installation of both vertical and horizontal ground source systems from borehole drilling and trenching through to heat loop / geo-loop installation, grouting and earthworks.

We have successfully completed a large range of both domestic and commercial projects from individual loops for small existing dwellings and new builds to large scale multiple loop systems for universities, social housing and many others.

Our Core Ground Source Services

GDC offers a range of services including
  • Ground source borehole drilling
  • Geo-loop installation and grouting
  • Trenching works
  • Header connections including manifolds
  • Water Well Drilling
  • Dewatering
  • Pump Testing and Development
  • Thermal response testing (TRT)

We have the capacity to install vertical heat loops / geo-loops to depths up to 200m below ground level and can also undertake trenching and header works from the loop position to a manifold and typically we would also provide pipes from the manifold to an agreed termination point (flow & return) for connection to a heat pump.

GDC have also successfully undertaken several horizontal ground source projects where required, by laying hundreds of meters of pipework in trenches, typically in areas with large open spaces such as farmland.

Renewable energy systems are a fantastic way to reduce monthly outgoings and help the environment. You may even benefit from government incentives or ‘RHI’.

Renewable Energy.

The service itself includes the drilling of specified boreholes to depths varying from 80 to 150 metres, installation of “geo loops” to the required depth and the backfilling of the borehole with a high conductivity grout. The pipework is then run in trenches to the manifold and the system can be filled and pressure tested allowing the internal works for the heating system to take place. The company also has the capability and equipment to run thermal conductivity testing prior to the installation of any ground source system.
"We were extremely impressed with the professionalism and efficiency with which the works were carried out; particularly with the consideration given to the requirements of other contractors and more importantly to the local residents, whose properties were located on the site periphery."

Director, JKN Renewables Ltd.

Their equipment, staff and response times are exceptional and we have never had an issue arising out of work completed by GDC – Our clients are always pleased with the results and so are we!

Manager, IMS Heat Pumps.

I have no doubt that GDC’s workforce provide a high level of knowledge, particularly of drilling and grouting skills and this is apparent in their works. GDCs approach to health and safety throughout the works was second to none, collaborating with a number of other contractors within a challenging site environment and always prioritizing safety.

Quantity Surveyor, Hochtief (HBJV)

They were all brilliant in challenging circumstances. Given that we were being watched all week and were thrown a few curveballs by the locals, they remained professional and helped to try and keep everyone happy!

Engineer, Lithos Consulting Ltd.

Your efforts contributed greatly to the successful completion of the projects which were completed in a timely manner, as forecast and on a budget.

Engineering Manager, Harron Homes

GDC have proved to be extremely reliable, safe, conscious, innovative and able to adapt to the requirement of a wide range of challenging development sites (residential, commercial and industrial).

Director, Professional Remediation Ltd.